Albrecht von Alvensleben

Victoria L. Meyers

Albrecht von Alvensleben is a self-taught photographer, born in 1984, in Swakopmund, Namibia, South Africa. At the age of five, von Alvensleben and his family moved to Northern Germany. After high school in Waterford, Ireland, von Alvensleben studied architecture at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts before transferring in his final year to New York City’s Cooper Union School of Architecture in August 2009, with a full tuition scholarship. He started photography with a 35mm film camera and trained himself by experimenting and reading books and photography magazines. His photographic styles include abstract, landscape, architectural, and documentary. He now uses the digital Canon 5d Mark 2.

In June 2009, von Alvensleben completed his first photographic series, “Backlight” (or in German: “Rücklicht”), which was included as part of an exhibition titled “Uprising Six” (six emerging artists’ work was represented) at the Candela Project Gallery, in Munich.

First completed photography series: Rücklicht (Backlight)

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