A Taste of Southern Spain (dvd review)

(Shock / pilot productions )

Firstly, a warning, this dvd will induce a strong hunger for authentic Spanish paella. Another educational episode from the Your essential guide to the best food from around the world dvd collection. Highlights include a bull fight, donkey mountain ride and nuns anonymously serving sweet pastries through church window carousels. The documentary unveils some ancient southern Spainish gastronomic traditions. You get to travel through Seville (where tapas originated from the 17th Century), Jerez (with its Roman and Muslim influences), La Mancha (home of the annual Saffron petal stripping championships) and Costa del Sol (where an authentic Spanish paella with prawns, chicken, garlic, broth, rice, vegetables and saffron is cooked on a giant wood fired saucepan). Colourful menus and the spirited, laid-back people cooking to fiesta vibes make for easy viewing. Pomegranate and orange salad with red onion, olives and laces of sun dried tomatoes is a strange combo but here it looks good. A string of Spanish Spring festivals for real-deal fiesta food is now high on my travel agenda.

Extras: Nil


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