Testosterone and poetry

The Darwin Awards: Testosterone and poetry

Homicide detective Michael Burrows (Joe Fiennes) is a personality profiler with one flaw: he faints at the sight of blood. When he lets the infamous North Beach serial killer run free, he’s booted off the force and pitches his unique skills to a doubting insurance company in a desperate bid for employment. He’s granted 30 days to prove he can sort the legitimate claims from the false ones, and save the company millions of dollars. Burrows’ desire for studying the behaviour of previous Darwin Award winners is met when he is teamed up with Siri Tyler (Winona Ryder) the firms’ “unusual claims” specialist. Together they (and their mis-matched personalities) travel to the aftermaths of the Darwinian (tragic but hilarious) death scenes including an attempt to break the land speed record by building a military rocket into the back of a car; and, two stoners levering themselves into a Metallica concert after they forget to bring their tickets. My personal fave: a champagne guzzling English couple whose fate is sealed when she thinks that the RV’s cruise control means auto-pilot. Director Finn Taylor provides a roll-around-on-the-floor comedy classic. The cast includes David Arquette, Juliette Lewis, Tim Blake Nelson, and Wilmer Valderrama, whose character is the devil’s advocate film school student, capturing the investigations in documentary form.
Extras: Making of the feature-ette
This 30 minute extra includes behind-the-scenes stunt set-up and footage, interviews, and an insight into the inspiration behind the film and its creator.

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