Brings out the Tom Cruise in you

Season Two of the Netflix series Stranger Things is coming out soon, and like with Twin Peaks Season Three, I’m quivering in excitement. (This contains no spoilers by the way).

In Episode 5, Season one, Stranger Things character Nancy is practicing to kill a monster who has no face with her baseball bat when romantic interest ‘Steve’ frightens her by turning up unexpectedly to apologise for being an idiot. During this conversation he  correctly suggests his look channels Tom Cruise in Risky Business (Stranger Things is set in the 1980s).

Which reminded me of the lyrics hey, it’s nice to meet you. gee, I like your shoes. brings out the Tom Cruise in you.

Injections of non-obvious and classic lol moments right after or during a scary sequence are all through Stranger Things. Steve especially delivers these more later in the series. But he doesn’t deserve Nancy. The real person who deserves Nancy’s doe-eyes is Jonathan Bryers, who had his camera broken by Steve.

I’m hoping Season Two brings “Justice for Barb” as suggested by English actress Millie Bobby Brown (who plays character Eleven, the one with the buzz-cut and super powers), suggested during her appearance on Netflix’s Chelsea (comedy host Chelsea Handler) . I not only want “Justice for Barb” (Nancy’s Best Friend is Barb) … I want justice for Jonathan, in the romantic sense. I am hoping there will be Nancy and Jonathan romantic adventures.  I’m pretty sure the romantic tension has got legs. I mean how long can you stay with a Tom Cruise/Steve type when someone as sweet and kind as Jonathan Bryers is head-over-heels in love with you?

❤️ Stranger Things

p.s. the Stranger Things sound track (iTunes) is full of the atmospheric synth tracks that accompany each scene in the story and the titles are the scenes. The music takes you back to the soft, pretty lights, filmed to look faded out – like you are seeing double.  And you know exactly the music when baby Holly is wandering through the coloured fairy lights.

Moby’s ‘when it’s cold I’d like to die’ is in the Netflix series but unlike a lot of the other cool music played, especially during the end credits of each episode, it is not included on the Stranger Things soundtrack.

Jonathan Bryers forever … he’s the way I feel when I’m alone on the subway in New York way past E89th Street and just enjoying listening to music with my headphones. Perhaps a song by The Smiths or Tom Waits.

I was asked by a NYC #uber driver if I wanted to play my music (five stars, bless you, NYC Uber Drivers) so I put on the Stranger Things soundtrack. New York City the afternoon of the last day of voting for the 2016 American election… the results came in that night… suitably a dark overcast sky in the middle of the day,  …. I’d ever seen the streets so empty of people and cars. It was twilight zone-ish. But the soundtrack defs helped. I’m sure the next day I would open my curtains and everyone would have vanished. The upside down!

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Victoria L. Meyers

Lyrics from the song Brings out the Tom Cruise in you:

So nice to see you,

Gee I like your shoes

Brings out the Tom Cruise in you.

Image: ‘abstract thought bubble’ collage by v meyers (2010)

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