Isabel Bishop: printmaker of Union Square

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Isabel Bishop (1902-1988) was a distinguished printmaker, painter and illustrator, who worked in New York’s Union Square for over six decades. Bishop’s style was defined as urban realism and she best known for her etchings of average American women performing daily activities. Bishop specialized in genre scenes, and has been described … More Isabel Bishop: printmaker of Union Square

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In this discussion I examine the painting The First Communion, also known as The Bride, an oil on canvas completed in 1896 by Eugène Carrière, a French Symbolist painter, who lived from 1849 to 1906. The painting was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1963 as a…

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Edgar Degas’s Dancers in the Rehearsal Room with a Double Bass (ca. 1882–85 oil on canvas). Havemeyer Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In this image, Degas has used strongly contrasted the white tutu against the dark brown wood panel of the wall. This glimpse, through Degas’s eyes, of…

watercolours and pastels

Mariellen Meyers (nee Mc Millan) My mother was blessed with a ‘chocolate-box face’ including wide-set blue eyes and naturally wavy auburn hair. The boys at the radiography department were keen photographers and, fortunately for my family, loved to take her picture. I love this photo of her in black and white, taken when she was … More watercolours and pastels