watercolours and pastels

Mariellen Meyers (nee Mc Millan)

My mother was blessed with a ‘chocolate-box face’ including wide-set blue eyes and naturally wavy auburn hair. The boys at the radiography department were keen photographers and, fortunately for my family, loved to take her picture. I love this photo of her in black and white, taken when she was a radiography student at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, with her head tilted upwards, absorbing knowledge. She gave a copy of this photo to my dad before they were engaged and on the back she wrote Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s so special to me.

My mum’s favourite pastime, painting watercolours, has become her obsession. Mum produces several paintings a week. Sometimes she’s up all hours. Her butterfly here was painted in 1990 and with each lesson her skill level keeps advancing.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad

Watercolour butterfly, watercolour, Mariellen Meyers, 1990.
And below, After Klimpt, pastel, Victoria Meyers, 2011.

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